The fire burned an estimated 5,000 acres—or nearly 8 square miles—in just the four hours after it began shortly after 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

“It has been a very fast moving fire,” said Daniel Berlant, spokesman the state’s department of forestry and fire protection. “It exploded this afternoon, really due to the fact that conditions are critically dry across California.”

The fire acts as a living testament to the EPA report, which George Alexeeff, the EPA’s health hazards chief, explained “paints a disturbing picture of how climate change is affecting our state and its growing threats to our future.”

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports: “While many California scientists have previously reported the impact of global warming on the state’s environment, the new report shows the effects of global warming more clearly than ever.” 

Similarly, last month a Congressional task force of representatives and climate experts concluded that the worsening of wildfires devastating the U.S. is in fact due to climate change, an unprecedented statement for a government body.

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