However, CodePink cofounder Medea Benjamin said more remains to be done and warned that “everything that President Obama has done can be undone by the next president.”

For that reason, CodePink is calling on Congress to immediately pass the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act—which would allow Americans to travel to Cuba just as they are allowed to travel anywhere else in the world—as well as a bill to lift the financial embargo and “finally [put] to rest the Helms Burton Act that codified the failed American policy of isolation and hostilities.”

“Congress must now step up and pass the needed legislation to finally put an end to the antiquated policies towards Cuba that have failed for 54 years,” Benjamin said.

In May, the U.S. took another important step toward normalization by removing Cuba from its list of “state sponsors of terror.”

The Miami Herald reported separately that flights between Key West International Airport and Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, which restarted in March, are “off to a strong start.”

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