“One of the benefits of a strong trade agreement is it is much easier for me to approve natural gas exports to countries with which we already have a free trade agreement,” Obama continued, indicating that the crisis in Ukraine should incentivize European leaders to sign the contentious trade agreement.

Environmentalists have criticized what they say are underhanded efforts by U.S. politicians and energy companies to exploit the international crisis to drive through policies—a process Naomi Klein refers to as the “shock doctrine”—to speed up natural gas exports.

The president’s trip to Europe follows by one day his announcement of new carbon emissions standards which many hailed as a landmark initiative. However, as the Los Angeles Times noted on Tuesday, the White House’s new regulations are likely to “speed up” the expansion of natural gas drilling through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Fracking has been found to create grave public health risks, emit dangerous levels of toxic compounds into the water and air, and is a growing source of methane emissions, a greenhouse gas many times more potent as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Despite these warnings, the White House under Obama continues to push shale gas development in the U.S. as an important export commodity, announcing in Poland: “The United States will be exporting more natural gas to the global market in the years to come.”


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