“This campaign is listening to the Latino community,” Sanders said in Davis. “Here in California and all over this country, undocumented people are being exploited on the job because they have no legal rights. If you are a farm worker here in California and you are overworked and underpaid and cheated on your wages, you can’t go to the Department of Labor and your employer knows that.”

“That is why together we will pass immigration reform and a path toward citizenship,” the Vermont senator concluded.

Stumping in the drought-ridden state, Sanders has also emphasized his opposition to fracking and his plan for tackling climate change. He’s repeatedly spoken about his opposition to Clinton’s interventionist foreign policy and mass incarceration, and his support for free higher education, for legalizing marijuana, and for overturning Citizens United and establishing a system to publicly fund elections.

Sanders has also continuously returned to his critique of the United States’ “rigged” economy, “in which the wealthiest 20 people own more wealth than the bottom 150 million people—half of our country,” as Sanders put it in Palo Alto.

Finally, Sanders has noted the tremendous amount of support his campaign has received from young people, telling the Palo Alto crowd that he hopes they feel “enormously gratified [that] our message in this campaign, of creating a nation and a vision based on social justice, economic justice, racial justice, and environmental justice, that whether Donald Trump likes it or not, whether Hillary Clinton likes it or not—that is the future vision of this country.”

Watch Sanders’ Wednesday rallies in Palo Alto and Davis:

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