Indeed, critics of U.S. foreign policy have long made the same point. As Murtaza Hussain, journalist at The Intercept, recently commented on Twitter:

Yet many in the West remain ignorant of the role it plays in stoking the Syrian conflict—in large part, critics say, as a result of paltry media coverage.

As Adam Johnson wrote Thursday for media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR):

According to Airwars, Johnson adds, “the total number of civilian deaths since the beginning of airstrikes in September 2014 has been 190. To increase this number by almost 50 percent in a matter of days would indeed be a radical departure from the normal course of events—rendering it more than newsworthy.”

Meanwhile, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein drew connections between U.S. foreign policy in Syria and terrorist attacks in the West in a press release Thursday: “What will a potential President Clinton or Trump do as the War on Terror continues to ‘come home’ to San Bernardino, Beirut, Paris, Istanbul, and Nice?” Stein asked.

“ISIS—a direct outgrowth of the Clinton-supported U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq—is a force that feeds on the outrage of people on the receiving end of our disastrous, belligerent approach to foreign policy and national security,” Stein added. “Clinton’s destruction of Libya added to the chaos by unleashing vast stockpiles of Libyan weapons that then became available to ISIS[…] Groups like ISIS cannot be stopped by more violence.”

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