According to the Guardian:

China’s report, titled “The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014,” cites news articles, many of them from U.S. media sources, to support its claims.

But its criticisms are not limited to domestic human rights violations. “While its own human rights situation was increasingly grave, the U.S. violated human rights in other countries in a more brazen manner,” the report reads.

“In the field of international human rights, the U.S. has long refused to approve some core human rights conventions of the United Nations and voted against some important UN human rights resolutions,” it declares. “More than that, the U.S. continued to go even further to violate human rights in other countries, including infringing on the privacy of citizens of other countries with the overseas monitoring project, killing large number of innocent civilians of other countries in drone strikes, and raping and killing locals by U.S. soldiers garrisoned overseas.”

The State Department and Chinese reports come in the same week that the U.S. and China held three days of high-level talks in Washington, D.C. Tensions between the two countries have recently been rising.

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