Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders warned Americans this week, the Trump/GOP giveaway to the nation’s corporations and wealthiest families “will do incalculable harm to tens of millions of working families, women, kids, the sick, the elderly, and the poor.”

If the Republicans are successful in passing their pending tax and budget plans, Sanders warned, “13 million fewer Americans will be insured, and health care premiums will surge for tens of millions more. Further, the Republican budget cuts Medicaid by $1 trillion over 10 years and Medicare by over $400 billion. In order to give huge tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations, the Republican budget also makes enormous cuts to education, nutrition, affordable housing, and transportation—and will crush college students and college graduates struggling with debt.”

Julian E. Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University who spoke to the Times, agrees. “When the time of reckoning comes to fix huge deficits,” he explained, “social safety-net programs will be first on the chopping block.”

And it’s not just prominent progressives like Sanders and Klein issuing such warnings.

Also quoted by the Times was Arnold Hiatt, the former CEO of the shoe company Stride Rite. “This tax bill is a grand deception,” he said, referencing the attack on the healthcare system and social cuts the GOP plan is specifically designed to undermine. “It hurts the most vulnerable, and hurts health care and education, which are essential for a healthy economy.”

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