In contrast, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (where Bernstein is now a senior fellow), 69 percent of the $5.1 trillion GOP cuts would fall on programs for the poor and struggling, imposing cuts on school lunch and child nutrition programs while giving the wealthy even larger tax reductions.

“Take a look for yourself at these materials,” urges Bernstein. “They are neither shocking nor revolutionary. They’re merely an option — a smart and progressive one — to achieve a set of venerable goals. The fact that they’re so far out of the current mainstream to even warrant a decent hearing is far more a troubling sign of the times than a critique of the CPC’s efforts.”

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As Terrance Heath, a fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future, points out: the Ryan budget passed on Thursday shows the American people exactly what the Republicans would do if put in total control of Washington.

On the other hand, the CPC budget shows at least an established vision for what’s possible if progressives could overcome the political and media roadblocks that have gone up to make sure workable alternatives stay in the dark.


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