Lucy Flores, a former Our Revolution board member, told Politico that the organization still gave the tribe the $242,924 it had raised on its behalf, though it was forced to dip into other funds to do so.

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“We’d done fundraising specifically on behalf of the tribe, and to have that money just be gone and never reach its intended purpose was unacceptable,” Flores said. “So we decided to give them the money that was raised and take the loss as an organization.”

Citing the FBI, Politico reports the type of hack used against the group is known as a “CEO impersonation,” one in which the attackers get inside a computer network and then create fake requests for wire transfers that look legitimate, usually by impersonating a known vendor. This kind of tactic—used against individiduals, organizations, and businesses—results in billions of dollars in losses each year.

After the theft was detected, said Our Revolution president Nina Turner, “we hired a cybersecurity firm to advise us on how to prevent these types of crimes in the future.”

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