It is priced £49.99 and all profits will go to the NHS Charities Together, which acknowledges and supports NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by COVID-19.

In a statement they said: Here at HUUB, we want to do our bit! We are still trading, and it’s not easy, but let us be realistic, there are some out there risking themselves to serve the sick and with no respite coming for quite some time. They are the ones who ‘just get on with it’, and we wanted to do something, not for profit or glory, but just do something! We understand that what is needed are donations… So, we thought about the message that really needs to be cemented – stay in, train sensibly, only do the essential shopping, look after others, and only go out for exercise and essential work.

“It’s not for us; it’s for them. ‘In’ for now, and when this is all over, and you’re ‘out’, it will act as a reminder of sacrifice for all to see.”


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