In addition, the letter continues, “Beginning in 2019, BlackRock resolves to use our considerable stake in energy and related sectors to vote in favor of management only when we find them to be working toward net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

According to the Yes Men’s Walburn, “This prefigurative nudge we gave BlackRock is the actual rational common-sense adjustment the finance industry needs; it’s truly bananas to think large asset managers, with broad based investment products are creating Zombie Funds of the Apocalypse and leading us off the climate cliff.”

BlackRock, which holds roughly $6 trillion in assets, “could fulfill its social purpose by playing a game-changing role in shifting how every global corporation addresses climate change. Or,” Walburn suggested, “they and other asset managers can continue with business as usual, funding these world destroyers and encouraging them to continue extracting and burning fossil fuels. Larry Fink knows what to do, he just hasn’t acted on it.”

The hoax comes several days after a dozen shareholder advocacy groups including ShareAction and the Ethos Fund wrote a letter (pdf) to Fink in which they urged BlackRock to “publicly state their expectation that carbon intensive sectors move rapidly towards adopting business strategies compliant with the Paris goals and specifically in-line with limiting temperature increases as close as possible to 1.5 °C.”

The letter to Fink went on to say that “BlackRock consistently votes against shareholder climate proposals and has a worse track-record than other large global asset managers in this regard. BlackRock also continues to vote for the reappointment of all directors at many companies that are failing to address climate risk.”

The company’s track record has been in the crosshairs of BlackRock’s Big Problem, a coalition of organizations, which accuses BlackRock of contributing “more to climate change than almost any other company on Earth.”

“As the world’s biggest investor,” the group says, “BlackRock is also the world’s biggest owner of fossil fuel companies. BlackRock owns more coal, oil, and gas, and rainforest destruction than any other U.S. company.”

Reacting to Blackrock’s tweet on Wednesday assuring people that Fink’s “real CEO letter” is forthcoming, BlackRock’s Big Problem said, “We sure hope it’s as bold on climate action as the hoax letter!”

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