This exciting new job, with a package worth up to £50,000, allows you to:

Choose when you want to work – work around your day job when works for you
And where you work: around your usual day-to-day commitments, whether this be around the school-run/your full-time job/in your kitchen or on the beach
You spend your time simply writing or vlogging about the active things in life you love
Includes free holidays – package includes two holidays for you and up to 3 family members – relax as hard as you like with an exhilarating range of summer and winter holidays in the Alps, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sardinia and Spain
Gives you all the gear you need – a new bike, a paddle board, tennis racquet, ski gear and active wear courtesy of our generous partners
Work for Neilson on a one-year contract with a salary of £15,000

The competition will be judged on votes first and foremost and the level of support garnered throughout participant’s campaigns to become Neilson’s COO, with the hashtag #GetYourActiveOn key to driving awareness.

The five candidates with the highest number of public votes will then be selected for final interviews at Neilson Active Holidays HQ.

To apply visit:

David Taylor, CEO at Neilson Active Holidays said, “Activity, inspiration, health, encouraging people to try something new or spend more time doing things you love are all at the heart of what we do here at Neilson, therefore with the creation of this new role we really hope the successful candidate will ignite some oomph and look forward to this being the start of our mission in helping the UK to get active.”


Ryan Sosna-Bowd of RnR Sport comments “Hopefully, we can encourage some of the triathlon community to apply for this role, it’s a great chance to not only promote an active lifestyle but a multi-sport active lifestyle, and get more people inspired into swim-bike-run.”

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