“People complain justifiably that the Obama administration is not being transparent,” said Robert Naiman, policy director for Just Foreign Policy, in an interview with Common Dreams. “But Congress also is not being transparent. Every day this drone policy continues, Congress is voting through its inaction to do nothing.”

While Obama administration officials have been famously secretive about the lives lost in U.S. drone attacks, they have repeated the unverified claim that civilian deaths have been minimal. Yet this is contested by experts and witnesses, including Bureau of Investigative Journalism researchers who have documented high numbers of civilian deaths in Pakistan and Yemen.

In a drone war that operates behind a veil of secrecy, critics charge that any step towards transparency, no matter how small, is a positive one.

“Even this defeat is a victory,” said Naiman. “It is the first time in ten years of drone strike policy that there was any congressional vote on anything. Now we can see who is trying to do something and who is blocking. There has been a dramatic increase in transparency just as a result of this vote.”


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