World Central Kitchen’s contract “ended on Tuesday,” reported the Guardian. “FEMA insists it is bound by federal rules that mean it will take several weeks for a new contract to emerge to feed more Americans.”

“There is no urgency in the government response to this humanitarian crisis,” Andrés said. “They have all the officials and armed guards at headquarters, but they have no information about the island. They don’t even have a map they can share about who needs food.”

On Twitter, an Army veteran named Jason Maddy has posted several videos from western Puerto Rico where he is volunteering. In a video posted Tuesday, he and his fellow relief workers shared that supplies that are being sent to the island are not getting from San Juan to smaller cities and towns, leaving volunteers with only a few bottles of water and one small meal to give to each household they come across—a reality that counters the narrative pushed by the White House.

Other messages posted to social media have shown the stark difference between Trump’s sunny portrayal of the recovery—and his insistence that the White House should be praised—and the reality on the ground.

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