Nigeria isn’t the only country where government officials expected to remain impartial lobby on behalf of corporate interests, of course. The entry of GMOs into Africa was one put in place and advocated for by U.S. State Department officials, as Common Dreams reported back in 2013.

The non-profits also point out in their objection that Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” corn requires the toxic Roundup herbicide whose core ingredient, glysophate, is known to be extremely harmful to human health and the environment.

The statement from HOMEF described the threats Monsanto poses to Nigerians’ health, environment, and food system:

“Recent studies have linked glyphosate to health effects such as degeneration of the liver and kidney, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma,” added Mariann Orovwuje, Friends of the Earth International’s food sovereignty co-coordinator. “That NABMA is even considering this application is indeed unfortunate and deeply regrettable, knowing full well about the uncontrolled exposure that our rural farmers and communities living close to farms will be exposed to.”

Bassey, HOMEF’s president, has advocated against the GMO industry for years, and spoke at length about his strong objections to biotech crops and the specific threats he believes they pose to African countries in an interview with SarahaTV back in 2013. Watch it here:

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