NextGen America executive director Heather Hargreaves told the Herald that “as the largest eligible voting bloc, young people have the power to make the difference in critical races across the country, and it is clear that they are energized like never before to make their voices heard.”

Hargreaves added that NextGen America, which has a national reach, “has already registered over 17,000 young people to vote in Florida this year alone.”

“The young people will win,” David Hogg, who survived the Parkland shooting and has emerged as a vocal advocate for reforming gun laws, tweeted in response to the analysis:

The new analysis from TargetSmart—which provides services to Democratic and progressive campaigns—follows a May report from the New York Times that found, based on data for March and April, “young registrants represented a higher portion of new voters in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, among other states.”

The Times noted that “the trend was particularly stark in Broward County, site of the mass shooting in Parkland.”

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