According to Agence France-Presse: “Brazil has witnessed widespread public anger at the billions of dollars being spent on the World Cup in a country lacking good public transport and struggling with sagging education and health infrastructure.”

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And BBC adds:

Like at the Olympic Games that began in Sochi, Russia this week, Brazil’s hosting of this summer’s World Cup—which will bring the best football teams from all over the world to the country—has generated deep concerns about the impact such high-profile and costly events have on the local people as huge sums of money are spent on infrastructure upgrades, security measures, and transportation improvements for wealthy tourists while the needs of those trying to get by on poverty wages are left unaddressed.

As Yasmin Thayna, a 21-year-old student participating in Thursday’s protest, told the Guardian: “Public transport is slow, dirty, hot and expensive. The government shouldn’t be talking about raising fares, it should be working to improve services. When the World Cup comes there will be more demonstrations. The World Cup is worsening inequality.”


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