“I wish Martha McSally was here to answer your questions about why she was so anxious to vote for this and get this bleeping thing done,” Gallego told McSally’s constituents, according to Murphy.

Gallego invited McSally to the town hall in her district, but the GOP representative did not respond.

And at Monday’s town hall in New York, Maloney sat on stage next to an empty stool with Faso’s name on it.

“If at any time the current congressman wants to come here and do his job, well, I will pack up and I will leave,” Maloney said, according to the Register-Star. “If he walks in right now, I will hand him this microphone and I will go home. That’s how it should be. But until he is here to answer these questions, I am going to be here answering these questions. Let him stand on his own two feet and explain this vote to you.”

Such “adopt a district” events are likely to expand in coming weeks, with the Indivisible group releasing a guide to such events on Wednesday.

Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.), vice chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), told the New Republic that about 20 members of the CPC are planning their own “adopt a district” events in neighboring Republican districts. Pocan himself is planning to adopt House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) district.

“If you had 20 people doing it in 20 districts across the country, that would be national news,” Pocan said.

Follow along with the “adopt a district” town halls under the hashtag #AdoptADistrict:

#adoptadistrict Tweets

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